The latest wellness-focused brand incubated by Beliv, a leader in the global beverage industry with a portfolio of 52 brands in 35 countries, is poised to disrupt the soda space.

Miami, Florida, November 6, 2023 – Mighty Pop is the latest brand incubated in record time by Beliv, a global bev-tech company founded by Carlos Sluman together with his partners at Mariposa Group. Beliv’s consumer-centric vision is driven by a mission to best satisfy consumer needs by showcasing all the goodness of nature through its brands.

“We are a multinational company forged by a big dream and fueled by extraordinary people”, says Sluman. “Mighty Pop is the latest example of how innovative products can be nurtured and brought to market quickly. We truly believe we’re satisfying American consumers’ needs for tastier and functional beverages that also solve for health and convenience”.

Mighty Pop is the first soda with pre, pro and postbiotics, whose initial production sold out in just one month. USDA-certified organic, the gut-healthy and immune-boosting drink debuted in Giant and Martin stores in September in its four delicious flavors: Orange Vanilla, Strawberry Hibiscus, Berry Lime and Pineapple Grapefruit. Consumers nationwide can now find the product on Amazon. Additional retailers in Southern California and Texas will onboard the on-trend and Organic-certified soda this fall.

Each 12 oz can of Mighty Pop contains:

  •  1 billion live probiotic cultures
  •  3g prebiotic fiber from sustainably sourced and certified carbon-neutral acacia plants
  •  Postbiotics that help positively modulate the microbiome and support immune health
  •  Just 3g of sugar, gently sweetened by agave
  •  Only 30 calories
  •  USDA Organic Certification

“Consumers of all backgrounds crave great flavors and ‘goodness’ in the better-for-you

beverage space, and Beliv’s latest soda innovation embodies our commitment to natural,

healthful and sustainable products that burst with flavor, and stand on the cutting edge”, says

Clayton Santos, Director of R&D. “Beliv created a unique formulation that’s progressive for the soda category, the first of its kind to advance pre, pro and postbiotics”.

Mighty Pop joins Beliv’s roster of beverage brands available in the U.S. market across various categories, including Petit (nectar), Oca (organic plant-based energy), Güitig (globally awarded volcanic sparkling water), Big Easy (kombucha and functional shots) and High Brew (cold brew coffee), the company’s latest acquisition.

“Spanning brands that evoke familiarity, authenticity and nostalgia like Petit and Güitig, to

those that are ahead of health and consumer trends like Mighty Pop, Beliv’s portfolio is on track

for explosive growth in the U.S.”, said Reinaldo Padua, Chief Brand Officer for Beliv Company.

About Beliv

Beliv was founded in 2009 by Argentine entrepreneur Carlos Sluman. Its vision was to lead the growth of better-for-you beverages and its mission, to transform the way people quench their thirst, driven by wellness and inspired by nature.

It is a Grupo Mariposa company, a multinational beverage corporation with a track record of 138 years that operates in the United States, Canada, Central America, the Caribbean and South America, with the largest product portfolio in the region and distribution in more than 2 million points of sale. Other business units of Grupo Mariposa are CBC (which is a partner of PepsiCo and its oldest bottling company in the world), Bia, Apex and Apex Capital. 

Beliv currently manages 52 brands in 35 countries (it operates in China, Europe and Latin America) with a multi-category vision focused on developing better-for-you beverages. Some of the brands which are already available in the United States are OCA, Güitig, Petit, Big Easy and High Brew.

For more information about Beliv, visit: www.belivcompany.com 

Media Contact: Alexis Korman akorman@be-liv.com 

About  Mighty Pop
It takes guts to be Mighty! Containing prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics all in one can, this organic and plant-powered pop delivers ‘the Mighty 3’ to support digestive and immune health and is gently sweetened by agave. Each can delivers 1 billion live probiotic cultures, just 3g of total sugar and 3g of fiber from sustainably sourced, certified carbon-neutral acacia plants, plus postbiotics (enzymes and compounds that aid immunity), poised to be the next wave in microbiome health. New and natural, this refreshing pop comes in a 12oz can and in 4 bright flavors: Strawberry Hibiscus, Berry Lime, Grapefruit Pineapple and Orange Vanilla.  For more information about Mighty Pop, visit: drinkmightypop.com and follow on social: https://www.instagram.com/drinkmightypop/.

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